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Ginny Jones of Vineyard Sailing is a real sailing heavyweight, but also calls herself a Luddite. However, during the grim weather of this winter’s off-season she has been taking time to discover what the Internet has to offer.

The result is this refreshing article. If you’re like me, it will take you to some places you haven’t known about, and remind you of some others you’ve foolishly forgotten. Thanks Ginny!

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Windward-sailing Barbary pirates


Xebec pirate ship

!!This post now with added singing – see the bottom of this post!!Â

My canoe sailing and building pal Jim van den Bos sent me this link from The Times newspaper yesterday:

Here’s the TS Pelican’s website, which tells the story of her interesting rig; see also this article by Philip Goode, the designer involved in the TS Pelican project:

The whole thing led me to speculate how Continue reading Windward-sailing Barbary pirates