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Windward-sailing Barbary pirates


Xebec pirate ship

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My canoe sailing and building pal Jim van den Bos sent me this link from The Times newspaper yesterday:

Here’s the TS Pelican’s website, which tells the story of her interesting rig; see also this article by Philip Goode, the designer involved in the TS Pelican project:

The whole thing led me to speculate how Continue reading Windward-sailing Barbary pirates

National Trust replaces famous Lindisfarne Castle boatsheds

Upturned boatsheds480

Photo by Catherine Atkinson

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We must now be a recognised part of the meeja – we’ve received another interesting press release today announcing that the Lindisfarne boatsheds have been replaced. It’s great also to be able to celebrate some more great sheds – it’s been too long since the our last post on this important topic. Perhaps we should make sheds a category of their own?

I remember the original up-turned boatsheds from the one time I visited Lindisfarne in the 1970s, when I was a student in the area. They remind me very much of Halfpenny Cottage at Hastings, which is similarly made from an upturned half-boat.

Anyway, here’s the information the way the National Trust tells it:

Official opening of restored boatsheds at Lindisfarne Castle

The iconic upturned boats that replace those tragically destroyed by fire at Lindisfarne Castle officially open to the public.

The boats that sit below the castle are familiar landmarks on Holy Island. Continue reading National Trust replaces famous Lindisfarne Castle boatsheds