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Sailing yachts used for cruising, or as cruiser-racers.

Faversham Nautical Festival fun in the sun…


Well, it was everything you’d expect, with boats, music, stalls and people, and what’s more the sun came out! Well done, the folks of Faversham!

Looking for Snarken…


Does anyone know the whereabouts – or fate – of a cruising yacht called Snarken please?

Reader Thomas Hauerslev says that in the 1960s his family sailed the Runa-type yacht built in 1912.

She visited the UK’s East Coast several times around a century ago, and again in the 1980s at some point, he thinks. No-one he’s been in contact with has seen her since 1995.

Does anyone in the UK have any clues for him – was she possibly bought by someone over here? If you can help, please contact him through his web page about the boat. Please copy me in on your email at – I very much like to know about these things!

The Texas 200 – 200 miles of sailing small boats in company

Well, it sounds like fun to me! The boat the film-maker used is the Chesapeake Light Craft Pocketship design – a neat 15-footer designed for home building.  If you go to the CLC page, there’s a nice little video about the Pocketship