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Barges and wherries and other working boats originally for carrying cargoes

Life on the Cut

My thanks to Lynsey Rule for this one!

PS – And there’s also this sent to me a moment ago by the excellent Chris Brady. Thanks Chris!

Hear and read about the original BBC Midland radio ballad Cry from the Cut herehere, here,  here, and here. That should be enough to keep some of us going for a while…

Boats and ships on the British Library’s Flickr account

This stunning small collection comes from the British Library’s Flickr account. To see more click here.

My thanks to Malcolm Woods for spotting this one.

Edwin Hunt, lighterman

Edwin ‘Ted’ Hunt is a man of amazing experiences, and some wonderful stories, as this striking YouTube shows. I’m told that at 95, he’s still with us.

He wrote the illuminating notes below for teaching lightermen – and I share them because I’m sure they are still useful and worth knowing for anyone who operates barges and other craft on the London River. My thanks to Chriss Hallam for posting on the Thames Sailing Barges Facebook page.

Lighterman Edwin Hunt's notes