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Blue Moon

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The original Blue Moon, Thomas Gillmer’s own boat to the design, is now in the collection of the Seattle Center for Wooden Boats.

However, for many years she belonged to my friend Mike Goodwin. Whenever he writes about her, there’s always a hint of regret that lets you know he misses her still. When you see his pictures, you may begin to see why.

Blue Moon was designed by naval architect and author Tom Gillmer for his own use in about 1950, and was built in Norway in 1954.
She’s 23ft on deck, and displaces 9000lbs.

Gillmer based her design on the Falmouth quay punt of the 1880s. These boats, which were 20 to 30 feet long, with a long keel, a low mast, and a long gaff, were built for use as a kind of water taxi, carrying people and goods to and from ships off the port of Falmouth, and were reckoned to be fast and seaworthy.

Center for Wooden Boats (check their boats for sale page, btw, if you like Bill Garden’s more nostalgic-looking boats):

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Blue Moon Blue Moon Blue Moon

Blue Moon Blue Moon Blue Moon

Blue Moon Blue Moon Blue Moon

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A Duchess is reborn

duchess before Duchess after
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A 40ft gentleman’s river cruiser that went on to work for many years as a pleasure cruiser, Duchess was transformed in sixteen months, starting in January 2004 – and these are the before and after photos.

She lay derelict for many years before being re-built by Chris Berry of Traditional Sail, for a client who intended to use her for cruising. The site includes a lot of photos of what happened during her restoration and repair: all of her frames had to be replaced, as well as 80 per cent of the planking.