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Dare to use epoxy, would you?

Adrian Morgan took a while to work up a head of steam against epoxy in his Classic Boat column last month, but by the end it had become a magnificent, splendid rant. Go to his articles page and double click on Dec 06. And if you’re an habitual epoxy user, prepare to feel a little awkward:

Now, does anyone want to argue with him? I thought not… I’m keeping quiet myself!


47 John Gardner small boat designs for £13.19p!

John Gardner Book
This little gem available from Amazon is now a much better price than the one I seem to remember paying a few years ago.It really is a bargain too: 47 designs, many of them classics, and all drawn and described by an acknowledged master of American traditional boat building.

There’s a lot to learn from a book like this, no matter what the nationality of the author may be, and the price is equal to the cost of a small round of drinks. Mine’s a strong bitter please!
John Gardner’s Building Classic Small Craft

The Hastings Fishermen’s Museum

Museum Museum Museum

Museum Museum Museum

Hastings Museum Museums

Museum Hastings Museum


If you were to conclude that I have a weakness for Hastings, you would be right. Seaside resorts in winter have a special atmosphere all their own, and the slightly faded charm of off-season Hastings never disappoints, not least because there’s plenty to show the town has a long and often prosperous history, including its very attractive Old Town.

Perhaps one of the nicest relics of earlier times is the Fishermen’s Museum in the old fishermen’s chapel. It’s a sweet little museum that stands among the famous tall black net shops, which are used to store nets and fishing equipment.

I’ve included a bundle of photos I took (with permission!) last weekend. I’d like to think these few photos will help to attract lots more visitors during the coming summer.

It is featured with pride by the local Fishermen’s Protection Society’s website:

The town museum has a section on smuggling with a presence on the web, including some fine old paintings: