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Mistelle gets a new keel

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Mistelle gets a new keel

Mistelle is one of Classic Boat magazine’s top 200 boats. A one-off design, she arrived at Newson’s for a new keel, new hog and frames after the originals had rotted and split over time. The site includes an awesome photo of the hog, which had split down the middle, and another showing her hog and keel completely removed.

It looks like a nerve-wracking job to me – what if the supports slipped and the boat went out of shape?

Anyway, despite the potential for horror everything’s clearly fine. The last shot with the new keel in place and new keel bolts waiting to be tightened up is positively heart-warming!

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Boatshop webcam of the Magnolia being built

Rollins webcam

Try this webcam view of the Rollins Boatshop, where Paul Rollins and his colleagues are building the schooner Magnolia.

Go to the following link, and hit the webcam button at the bottom. If you happen to be the only person you can direct the camera by clicking your mouse on the image, and it’s great fun. If someone else happens to be directing the camera at the same time, I imagine it could become a bit of a game…

And see if you can manage to see anyone working in there – I did!