Restored 1841 whaler Charles W Morgan makes her first trip in over 70 years

Maine-built 1841 whaling ship Charles W Morgan has been towed down river from Mystic Seaport, where she has been kept since 1941, to New London. Read all about her story and find many more photos here. Happily over the last five years she has been restored at Mystic’s Henry B. du Pont Preservation Shipyard. At New […]

Orkney dinghy cruiser Mark Shiner’s Arctic Whaler in the limelight

Mark Shiner and Arctic Whaler Mark Shiner of Orkney has written to tell me that his cruising dinghy Arctic Whaler is having a definite 15 minutes of fame. It doesn’t happen like this to many small boats! It all began when he took his poet, novelist and musician friend Andrew Greig sailing to the abandoned […]

A love song about the Montagu whaler

Montagu whaler – a boat type that inspires a deep affection among some of those who have known them well There’s a song about everything in my experience, and I’m not shy about reminding folks of this important cultural fact. I find they nod and smile, and pull expressions that show they think I’m being […]

London Whalers explain how to row

[ad#intheboatshed-post] London Whalers at rest The London Whalers have put up a page explaining how to row, and I like what they say. Feathering is optional but regarded as helpful in a headwind! Well, I do it sometimes, and sometimes I don’t. Either way, the site’s well worth a look. Subscribe to our free weekly […]

Racing Montagu whalers off Auckland

[ad#intheboatshed-post] Whalers racing off Auckland many years ago; as usual, click on the thumbnail for a larger image Reader Paul Mullings has contacted us with this photo of Naval whalers racing off Auckland, New Zealand many years ago. This is what he says about it: ‘The New Zealand forces used to hold a regatta, at […]

27ft type K Montagu whaler

The Montagu type K whaler The post announcing that Dick Wynne’s restored whaler Vancouver is up for sale has attracted quite a lot of attention in the last day or two, so I’ve decided to share these snaps from a copy of the 1937 Manual of Seamanship published by the Admiralty. The rudder and centreboard seem […]

Restored 1943 type K Montagu whaler, good condition, for sale in London

[ad#intheboatshed-post] Montagu whaler Vancouver is now sold Dick Wynne is selling his 27ft 6in type K Montagu whaler. I’m sure it has been a painful decision and it’s a damn shame for all those who have enjoyed crewing her, but no doubt two traditional boats like this is too much for one man! This could […]