Tait’s Seamanship manual on how to sail a ship, part V

Here’s another instalment of the seamanship manual published around a century ago by James Tait, Extra Master and teacher of navigation. For earlier instalments, click here.

Tait’s Seamanship, or how to sail a ship, part IV

‘Masters and crews of stranded vessels should bear in mind that success in landing them in great measure depends upon their coolness, and attention to the rules here laid down, and that by attending to them many lives are annually saved by the Rocket Apparatus on the coasts of the United Kingdom.’ Here’s another instalment […]

Tait’s Seamanship, or how to sail a ship, part III

Here’s another segment of the Tait’s Seamanship primer for the Board Of Trade examination for ships’ officers. See part I and part II. Once again, it’s in the time-honoured maritime question-and-answer format. Among the points covered are how to tack and wear ship, when to start cutting down masts when the ship is on its […]