Shackleton Epic expedition sails into challenging weather

The Alexandra Shackleton – a day and 64 nautical miles out from Elephant Island The first day at sea for Shackleton Epic, the  recreation of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s legendary voyage from Elephant Island to South Georgia has seen the Southern Ocean deliver up encounters with a whale and an iceberg, a five-hour period with no […]

Tim Jarvis-led Shackleton voyage re-enactment to set out mid-January

   Explorer Tim Jarvis’s expedition to honour a remarkable 800-nautical mile small boat voyage across the Southern Ocean led by  Sir Ernest Shackleton from Elephant Island to South Georgia, followed by crossing South Georgia’s mountainous interior, is scheduled to set out from Elephant Island on around the 17th January. The expedition will culminate in a pilgrimage to Shackleton’s grave at Grytviken. […]

James Caird replica Alexandra Shackleton is launched at Portland

A replica of the James Caird built by the International Boatbuilding Training College was officially named and launched at Portland on Sunday, 18th March. She is to be used by the Shackleton Epic Expedition to recreate Ernest Shackleton’s original voyage in April 1916, when he and five others sailed their ship’s boat, the original James Caird, 8oo miles […]

Shackleton polar expedition photos by Frank Hursley

  Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1914-17 expedition was an attempt to cross Antarctica from one side to the other via the South Pole, but in January 1915 the expedition ship, the Endurance, became locked in the ice of the Weddell Sea, which slowly crushed and finally sank the vessel over the following months, while Shackleton and […]

Blokes Up North – through the heart of the Northwest Passage by sail and oar

Blokes Up North. Blokes… Up North. They sound ordinary enough, and they and their publisher try to describe themselves that way – but ordinary they aren’t really. They’re as tough as the old boots they probably keep in a cupboard somewhere. For one thing, they’re Marines. For another, the authors of this account published by Lodestar, Kev […]

Boathouse 4 – an amazing new centre for teaching boatbuilding and shipbuilding skills training

Some 500 adults and families are to have the opportunity to receive training in traditional boat and shipbuilding skills at Portsmouth’s Boathouse 4, I have been told by Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust projects coordinator Abi Isherwood. Up to 85 students will be able to attend 47-week full-time courses courses provided by IBTC Portsmouth, a new charity to be […]

The Classic Boat Awards – an opportunity to recognise Giacomo de Stefano, among others

Our pal Giacomo de Stefano surely deserves some recognition for his achievement in voyaging from London to Istanbul in self-built 16ft open sailing dinghy – an Iain Oughtred Ness Yawl, no less – last year, overcoming illness and host of other obstacles and difficulties along the way. So I think the Classic Boat Awards this […]