The Northfleet disaster – who drowned and who was saved, and who was Mr Braud?

The portraits at the bottom of this page are the Captain of the Northfleet and his wife, who are both mentioned in the song. I don’t yet know the significance of Mr Braud pictured at the top I’ve been interested in the story of the loss of the emigrant ship Northfleet off Dungeness ever since […]

The wreck of the Northfleet revisited

The Northfleet Edgar March’s book Inshore Craft of Britain: In the Days of Sail and Oar, volume 2 explains a little more about the famous collision off Dungeness that wrecked the Northfleet, and the rescue that followed it. (See an earlier post on this topic here.) I had no reason to imagine that the story […]

The story of the Northfleet begins to be explained

Several decades ago, I learned the song The Wreck of the Northfleet from the singing of an elderly south-coast fisherman called Johnny Doughty. In addition to hearing him singing in public on a few occasions I was also lucky enough to meet Johnny socially a few times, as he was a family friend of one […]