Gavin Millar completes 1000 nautical miles of his sailing canoe circumnavigation – but runs out of time

Gavin Millar leaves the Isle of May ‘Canoesailor’ Gavin Millar called a temporary halt to his sailing canoe circumnavigation of Great Britain last week. After two and a half months of sailing his sabbatical was coming to an end, but he still reached Oban (he started from the Solent) and managed to clock up 1000 […]

Great Britain circumnavigating sailing canoeist Gavin Millar pauses for thought

Gavin and Stacey at the Tees and Hartlepool Yacht Club Round Britain sailing canoeist Gavin Millar has reached Amble in Northumberland – progress that amounts to something like a third of the distance he hoped to cover in about half the time the time he has available. In the worst summer weather I can recall, his […]

Smashing photographs from the RNLI’s My Coast photo competition

These smashing photographs were the shortlist for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution’s recent My Coast photo competition. Voting via the RNLI’s Facebook page decided the winning shot should be Alex Wilkinson’s shot RNLI Lookout (image 16), taken at Scarborough lifeboat station. The others are Stephanie Francis Woolacombe Bay Reflections (25),  Mike Honour 7am Praa Sands (37), […]

Gavin and Stacey

I’m very impressed by ‘Canoesailor’ Gavin Millar’s positively Victorian project of circumnavigating most of Great Britain in a sailing canoe made for him by Solway Dory. It’s bonkers of course and I don’t advise trying it at home, but it is well worked out and it’s classic slow sailing – and it’s for charity. He’s got […]

Ginny’s Christmas list – reviews of books we would have liked, and some we would not

Ginny Jones of Martha’s Vineyard has suggested I share her Annual Christmas list – a review of books she’s read this year, and a couple of other items she believes we could all benefit from knowing about. Well, it may be too late for Christmas, but maybe one or two can be found in time […]