Project whaler for sale, North Wales

Fancy a project , 25′ whaler?

There’s one lying at Gwynedd in North Wales, and it’s for sale. It has been in the Harlech family for many years and used to be moored on the Ynys opposite the village of Portmeirion.

It has been dry stored for quite a few years now. The seller, Mark Brookes, says that he has lots of gear to go with it including spars and a Seagull outboard. Mark is at

One thought on “Project whaler for sale, North Wales”

  1. Most interesting to see a Type L 25ft version, my Sea Scout days were only populated with big brother, Type K….One of my favourite books, New Boat For Old by Charles Norman Davies, details in lively style the acquisition and conversion of a Type K! When completed he went cruising the East Coast with his wife and family of FIVE boys and a dog!….. I heartily recommend it as a fine and I guess now historical read as it dates from the mid to late Nineteen Fifties.

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