Twinkle 12 sailing dinghy

A reader I know only as Paul has got in touch to tell us about his sweet little Twinkle 12 clinker built dinghy made largely from from the late 1950s. The twinkling varnish seems to make the name so appropriate…

Here’s what he says:

‘Wrights of Ipswich produced the Twinkle for several years in the 1950s and early 60s. They sail very well if looked after and well rigged, and can be quite exciting in strong winds…

‘Not many are now left and I am thinking of setting up an association to keep track of those that are left.

‘Apart from four new timbers cracked by the previous owner’s trailer she is totally original down to the deck fittings. Lots of work over the winter months but great fun.’

‘Thanks for your great website, with best wishes.’

If anyone’s interested in Paul’s proposed association, please email me at and I’ll forward your message to him.


5 thoughts on “Twinkle 12 sailing dinghy”

  1. What a georgeus little boat , very like my brother and I used to learn to sail on in Chicheater Harbour in the early 1950’s.

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