Teal’s Life in Ireland – a weblog to watch

I’ve just been reading and greatly enjoying Adrian Nowotynski’s weblog about the restoration of the Teal, a well known Falmouth Quay punt. 

The boat celebrated her 100th birthday just before Christmas, and from what I can see she’s not so far off returning to the water.

Like many of her kind, Teal makes a lovely looking little cruising boat and Adrian seems to be hugely enjoying the job – it’s a darned good thing from Teal’s point of view that he’s a carpenter by trade and so comes to the job with certain advantages many of us would lack.

One of the best things about Adrian’s weblog is his willingness to discuss the nitty gritty of the job – so there’s plenty to read and think about, another is good clear photographs. Read what he has to say here.

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