Dylan Winter sails across fields – thanks to the Duck Punt

… in which Dylan ‘Keep Turning Left’ Winter makes the most of the floods and does something few of us are likely to have done. I know I haven’t.

There’s much more from Dylan here.

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6 Responses to Dylan Winter sails across fields – thanks to the Duck Punt

  1. Nigel S says:

    We sailed over the fields towards Tewkesbury at school one wet summer (late 60s). We were in National 12s so we had to open the gates! I can still remember the wonderful feeling of release from the normal tacking back and forth across a few feet of river and hanging on to overhanging trees when the wind died.

  2. it is a wonderful thing to do – great to do something new in your late fifties

  3. nigel says:

    i love the idea of sailing in a field – at least some good has come from all of this rain ! how much water does the duck punt need to float in ?

    • Gavin Atkin says:

      Six inches, at a pinch, I’d guess, or less up to the point of actually grounding. Part of the principle is that the long hard chine stops it from slipping down wind, and so it’s able to continue to sail in quite shallow depths.

      • the man is right

        you can go to windward in six inches of water

        amazingly on the mud you can sail in even shallower water as long as you keep the boat upright

        some canoeists saw me sailing across the field, they paddled towards me, ran out of water, got out and started pulling their canoes towards me on the assumption that I had found some deeper water

        I watched five of them walk out – I watched five of them walk back

        build a duck punt lads – good practise for building one of Gavin’s great boats

  4. nigel says:

    amazing ! the thought of capsizing worried me … but not a problem if the water comes up to your ankles !

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