Temptations part V: a dinghy so small, your family will hardly notice…

Chuck Merrell’s Apple Pie dinghy is so small and simple, she’s a real kitchen-table boat – that is, she’s small enough to be built on a kitchen table, and simple enough that you may well be able to finish her before anyone complains that they can’t do anything useful in the kitchen because there’s a boat in the way.

Seriously, it should be possible to build her in a very short space of time, and with very little in the way of materials. She’s also a clever and useful design and would make a great first boatbuilding project. Here’s the link for Chuck’s FREE BOAT PLANS:


If you do build one of these boats, we’d love to hear about it! Email me at gmatkin@gmail.com.

Dale Austin built one and has kindly allowed me to post a photo of the finished boat (below). Click on the picture for an enlargement.

He has also put up a photo log complete with instructions on his own site:


Apple Pie

Applie Pie photo

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3 thoughts on “Temptations part V: a dinghy so small, your family will hardly notice…”

  1. hi i was thinking of building the apple pie for my kids, would it take the weight of me and my two kids.it would be used on a canal. between the three of us we weigh about 17 stone, about 108 kilo. thanks greg

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